Core values

Our approach is built upon a set of core values. Taken together, these values define an organization that believes in:

  • Making decisions at the local level, where understanding of the marketplace is greatest and efficiency is easier to achieve.
  • Improving the service by building lasting relationships with customers in their own language and according to their customs.
  • Motivating entrepreneurial employees toward common goals rather than directing them from the top down.
  • Engendering a sense of commitment and openness.

Bunge is guided by a set of core values: Integrity, Teamwork, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Openness and Trust.

These values reflect who we are and what we do. They ensure the effectiveness of our integrated and decentralized approach and help us achieve our purpose of enhancing lives by improving the global agribusiness and food chain. Our core values guide and inspire our work every day.



Honesty and fairness guide our every action.


We value individual excellence and teamwork for the benefit of Bunge and our stakeholders.


We contribute to the development of individuals and the social and economic fabric of our communities, and we act as stewards of the environment.


We prize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results.

Openness and Trust

We are open to other ideas and opinions, and we trust our colleagues.